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Polished Concrete

Specializing in polished concrete for indoor and outdoor applications as well as restoration of old or worn concrete slabs.

Acid Staining

Acid staining and concrete coloring


Custom wood furniture, cabinetry, and trim.

I would like to personally thank you for considering Set in Stone Maui for your next project.  I have a true passion for design and strive to look at everyday or utilitarian projects with a creative eye!  I  enjoy finding unique solutions to the many problems that can crop up in any building or restoration project.  So many homes on Maui use concrete slabs in their construction, that polished concrete just makes sense!  Shipping in other materials to the island, stripping off old tile and carpets, pulling up wood floors, all ending up in the landfill seems wasteful at best!  The habit of installing a product that is weaker, less sustainable, more susceptible to wear and tear, and has a limited lifespan over a concrete slab that is already there has become a dated practice.   Concrete will outlast the house that is built on it! Once polished, it  is infinitely renewable over the life of the dwelling.

Over the years, I and Set in Stone Maui have developed unique techniques in repair to blend cracks and expansion joints to create a seamless, expansive monolithic look.  Even old beat up floors that have been abused and built on over and over can still become a stunning, modern, easy to maintain surface to build and live on!  Combined with a love of wood working that has led Set in Stone Maui to be able trim out your floor with unique woods or create dimensional concrete pieces and wooden furniture to accent your floor or project.  Set in Stone Maui can create a very personalized space that fits your personal style as well as the values of respecting the aina and enjoying this wonderful island life style that we all cherish!  Thank you once again for considering Set in Stone Maui!

David Gentry